Power Distribution

Power Distribution

LT Power Distribution

The Tata Power Co Ltd a major private sector company in Power business has entered in to low tension distribution since 1999 and entrusted YEL with maintenance of LT sub stations and servicing of retail consumers

YEL became major service provider to Tata Power Co in 1999. Hence core business of YEL is sub station maintenance and servicing including meter reading and billing

Salient Features

LT Maintenance



Attending consumer complaints on power supply within service standards set by Tata Power. All complaints are routed through call center. We carry out all 440 V operations of network and consumer sub station as per safety standards laid down by Tata power. Replacement of defective energy meters is also done. Attending defects in LT network e.g. cable faults, fuse failure, hot clamps etc.

To restore power supply of affected consumers within stipulated time laid by Tata Power. Dedicated team of Technicians and Engineers with required tools, tackles and motor bikes, cellular phone etc., are deployed round the clock.

Arrange outages of LT network in coordination with Tata Power. Inspection of meter room, control room panels, RMU & feeder pillars as per monthly schedule.

Regular inspection and intimation to Tata Power of abnormality observed such as theft of electricity, defective metering, high rating of fuse or MCB, abnormal temperature, unauthorized tapping , storage of material in the meter room and loss of property.

Meter Reading Group


Regularly training is given to our Meter Readers by TPC to take the correct meter reading of various types of meters used in their distribution system. To note down the meter readings, reader use Hand Held Unit (HHU).

The readings are taken Distribution Transformer (DT) wise. The data is downloaded from SAP system in HHU. The reader at site punches the actual readings against each meter in the HHU and then the whole data is uploaded on the server from any nearest receiving station of TPC.

Billing Group


Our billing staff is well trained to work in SAP module (ISU-CCS). Also, periodically trainings on different topics related to Billing are arranged by TPC to our staff.

Master changes for any meter change, address, duty exemption, contract demand etc. is done in billing program for existing customers. For new customers new master is created in SAP based on charging memos.

Energy Audit Kwh Variation Analysis



Based on our EA reports, certain wrong meter multiplication factors (MFs) were detected and rectified, for correct monthly revenue to TPC. Further, certain un-billed meters were detected and new billings started, including supplementary bills for the previous Kwh off-takes. Also, certain meters were detected to be fed from different DT instead of DT indicated in respective walk-down surveys and were rectified to obtain correct DT wise / Group wise EA reports for corrective measures, etc.

We have also been mandated to carryout Kwh Variation Report Analysis (KVRA) based on SAP reports, to spot defective billing meters.We therefore, carries out physical verification of customer premises having ‘ Nil ’ off-take and very low Kwh off-take, and forwards reports to TPC to enable them to test and replace respective meters if found defective.


LT Meter Testing

Since 2008, YEL has taken up the LT Meter Testing job of Tata Power’s Retail Consumers. Our staff is specially trained by experienced Tata engineers for carrying out Meter Testing of their LT consumers.

The meters are tested in live conditions without interrupting the supply from the suppliers or the consumer end. Since the work is done in live conditions, special attention is given to the safety of technicians as well as equipments.

The testing procedure includesMeter-Testing-2-antique

  • To check the accuracy of the meter as per the class of the meter against the Standard Meter
  • The dial test of the meter for calculating the variation w.r.t the accuracy in the meter.